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Bay Shore Bicycle Club
Green Bay, Wisconsin
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Membership Dues:

BSBC annual membership dues are:  $20.00 for a single and $30.00 for a family.

Membership Card and Discounts

Each member receives a card which identifies them as an active member of the club.
This card also entitles you to discounts on some items at local bike shops.


The club has many organized rides during the riding season of April - October.
 Weekly:  Evening rides on Mon, Wed and Thur. Morning rides on Tues and Sun.
                 Monthly - Tues evening ride (switch to hike/snowshoeing during the winter).
                 Yearly we have several traditional rides (eg. Washington Island Ride).
                 There are also other scheduled and impromptu rides throughout the season.
Check the 'Event Calendar' for specifics.


There are  2 annual general meetings - April's Pot Luck and November's Banquet.
   and 3 social gatherings during the winter months of January, February, and March.


We administer a website which gives members information regarding rides and other events, messages from members, forums, informational documents, photos, and links. The event calendar is not fully disclosed to a viewer unless he/she is signed in as a member.

Support of Bike Related Causes:

Fund our local bike paths:  Mountain Bay Trail - Anston picnic table
                                           Fox River Trail- picnic table and paving
                                           Reforestation Camp- signage
Clean-up paths:  Spring pick-up on Mountain Bay and Fox RIver trails.
Provide repaired bikes and accessories for St John's Homeless Shelter's people.
Brown County Bike Route map:  major sponsor